from October 14 -2021 to to October 16 - 2021

Healthy Dessert Photo Contest


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Tags: Health

As part of our PhysioFit Erasmus+ project, we are running the Healthy Dessert social media photo contest. You can create your favourite dessert, baked or no-bake cakes, any type of desserts really, snap a pic of it and post it on instagram or facebook.

You need to include the ingredients and baking steps in the comment section and your dessert must be healthy, made with healthy ingredients (no cake mixes, ready made icing or pre-mixed ingredients etc.) and NO sugar!
on Instagram tag @physiofit.erasmusproject and use #PhysioFitdessert

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The PhysioFit project aims to promote healthy lifestyle to kids for obesity awareness. We will develop a Minecraft like game in order to make children aware of nutrition, healthy food and obesity.

Event venue


Clarendon street
BT48 7TG, derry