from October 14 - 2022

GROUPE IGS – Erasmusdays 2022


Higher education

Conference, presentation, round table

Meeting, open house, exhibition

Testimonies, meetings, open house

Tags: Culture & heritage, Inclusion & diversity

Start time: 10:00 End time: 16:00

- Activities in our campuses to inform our students and make them want to go abroad (quizzes, contests, etc.)
- Hosting international university partners for classes, seminars, conferences and presentations.
- Presentation of the IGS-International intranet, an international hub where students can find all the information they need to have a successful experience abroad, as well as conferences for each class to explore the options available to them when it comes to international studies at the IGS
- A presentation on the Erasmus+ programme

Event venue


CAMPUS IGS - Bâtiment B, 15 rue Marc Chagall
31700, BLAGNAC