from October 13 - 2022 to October 15 - 2022

Frieden – Peace – Pax – Paix – Paz

BG/BRG Knittelfeld

School education

Conference, presentation, round table

Tags: Citizenship / civic engagement, Inclusion & diversity

Start time: 11:00 End time: 13:00

We will create symbols of peace (doves) and distribute them in the city center.
In the subject "European Citizenship Education" we will talk about how the European Union maintains peace and what each and everyone can do to support a peaceful environment.
The main event will take part in the main square in Knittelfeld. Together with another school we will sing songs and read short texts and thoughts about peace.
On Saturday we will start our mobility to France and Spain with 34 students.

Event venue

Main Square Knittelfeld

Hauptplatz 15
8720, Knittelfeld