from October 16 – 2020 to October 17 – 2020

Exhibition of logo competition and Climate Change activities

6th Primary School Alexandroupolis

School education


Film projection

Online testimonies, exhibitions

Tags: Apprenticeship, Culture & heritage, Ecology

Our school is organizing for the new group of students, who are willing to participate in the second year of Erasmus+ NBS ( Natural Based Solution), an exhibition with the projects of the logo competition of the project. The pupils will present their products to the new students. Also, we will make a film about these products. Moreover, the students will discuss climate change and they will make short films and posters. All the students will also watch their films and posters and will put them in Twinspace of the related eTwinning project.

Event venue

6th Primary School Alexandroupolis

Trapezountas 49, 68132 Alexandroupolis
68132 , Alexandroupolis