from October 15- 2021

Exchange of knowledge and good energy through Erasmus projects

Institute for Contemporary Education

Adult education

Online conferences, meetings and webinar

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Start time: 19:00 End time: 20:00

The online webinar will be streamed through the FB page of the Institute for Contemporary Education, the umbrella organization of the LINK Educational Alliance. LINK schools' teachers participating in Erasmus projects will present the projects and the innovative teaching materials produced as projects' outcomes. They will also share their personal experiences from project activities, mobilities and cooperation with international colleagues.

Discover the Erasmus + project of this organization: Discover the project

We are raising awarenes of the negative consequences of biases in educational environment. The scenarios are filmed showing the outcomes of the biased reactions by teaches and students.

Event venue

Institut za moderno obrazovanje/Institute for Contemporary Education

Masarikova 5
11000, Belgrade