from October 13 -2022 to to October 15 - 2022

EUTIS na #Erasmusdays

EUTIS, o.p.s.


Online conference, webinar, Facebook live

Testimonies, meetings, open house

Tags: Citizenship / civic engagement

Start time: 08:00 End time: 20:00

The aim of the activity is to present the Erasmus + program to the followers of our organization on social networks. Through the online Kahoot quiz, which will be available online throughout the Erasmus days, participants will learn about the goals of the program, the opportunities to participate, as well as the positive examples of our organization with this program. At the same time, an online Facebook event will run a campaign to share the experience of the public and our organization's followers with this program.

Event venue


Srbská 2634/28
61200, Brno