from October 15- 2021

EU Values in Education for Sustainable Development

National Pedagogical Dragomanov University

Higher education

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Tags: Other, Social Inclusion

Start time: 12:00 End time: 15:00

This online workshop intends to research and spread the content of the EU value-based approach in education, disseminate the results of the Jean Monnet Project EVDISD - EU Values of Diversity and Inclusion for Sustainable development. This Jean Monnet Project EVDISD is focused on key EU values for sustainable development in the social and cultural sphere – diversity and inclusion. The aim of the workshop is to research the interactions of values and SDGs in education.

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This project intends to research and spread the content of EU value-based approach in education enabling enhancement of quality of higher education in Ukraine, according to the best practice of EU.

Event venue

Zoom, online
01060, Kyiv