from October 11 - 2019 to October 12 - 2019

#Erasmusdays 2019 – Educar com o Erasmus+

Consórcio de Agrupamento de Escolas

School education

Film projection, presentation

Round table, testimonies

In the ambit of the international celebrations of “Erasmus days 2019”, the Afonso de Albuquerque, Manteigas, Pinhel and Sé School Groups, in collaboration with the Town Hall and Guarda Polytechnic Institute, promoters and dynamizers of “Erasmus +” projects, intend to disseminate the experiences lived in the flows and mobilities across Europe, sharing good educational practices with the community through learning and the results achieved. The promotion of the “Erasmus + Programme” to the local, national and international community is intended to give information to those who have never had an international experience, challenging them to follow that path.

Event venue

Rua Batalha Reis 12, 6300-668 Guarda
6300-668, Guarda