from October 15 – 2020

Erasmusday in our Bülseschule

Bülseschule Gelsenkirchen

School education

Conferences, presentations, round tables


Film projection


Tags: Apprenticeship, Culture & heritage, Other

We have an Erasmusday in our Primary School at October 15th. All colleagues choose one country (we have mobilities in 6 different countries and two more countries join us in our Etwinning project) from our new Erasmus KA1 Project. We show our pupils in our 8 classes these 8 countries. We show maps, sights, school and school life, persons, storys, food and specialities from those countries and collect questions and pleases from our pupils which we want to take away in our visiting countries. We also make an exhibition in the school hall.

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We have mobilities in 6 countries in our new Erasmus KA1 Project. We show our pupils these countries and make an exhibition, Podcast and Event.

Event venue


Bülsestraße 65
45896, Gelsenkirchen