from October 10 - 2019

Erasmus+ i POWER w Zespole Szkół im. Jana Kasprowicza w Jelczu-Laskowicach

Zespół Szkół im. Jana Kasprowicza

School education

Film projection, presentation

Meetings, open houses

Original creation, conference

Round table, testimonies

Show, exhibition

#ErasmusDays 2019 in the School Complex Jan Kasprowicz in Jelcz-Laskowice. An exhibition presenting the school's activities in the field of ongoing projects, a meeting with school teachers from the poviat and commune, discussing the principles of programs, presenting ways of its implementation, training on etwinning. Dissemination of acquired skills, by teachers and students of the school. Public exhibition for students, parents, residents.

Event venue

ul. Techników 26
55-220, Jelcz-Laskowice