from October 15 – 2020 to October 16 – 2020

Erasmus+ experiences that change your life

IES La Marxadella

School education

Conferences, presentations, round tables


Testimonies, meetings, open house

Online games and e-sport tournament

Online surveys

Tags: Alumni, Apprenticeship, Culture & heritage

1. Experiences that change your life (15/Oct)
Post a message in a Padlet telling us about what you expect from Erasmus+ projects or why you would recommend taking part in them. Include a picture of you participating in an Erasmus+ activity!

2. Have you ever participated in an Erasmus+ project? (15/Oct)
Our aim is to find out to what extent Erasmus+ has been implemented in our city.

3. Opening our international corner at school. (16/Oct 10:45)
Dissemination of new European projects and activities with invitation to the Education community.

Event venue

Calle Padre Mendez, 151
46900, Torrent