from October 10 - 2019 to October 11 - 2019

Erasmus days – lycée Renaudeau

Lycée Renaudeau

School education

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Film projection, presentation

Meetings, open houses

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Round table, testimonies

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The lycée Renaudeau organises a special "European week" to raise awareness among all the students about European issues. A lot of lessons are taught in a foreign language (PE or maths in English, History in Spanish...). Special meals are served to discover the culinary traditions of the different countries. Exhibitions, conferences, debates and movie projections are adressed to many students, concerning European citizenship, migrations in Europe, European institutions, Erasmus programme... The lycée is involved in an Erasmus programme for teachers, and participates in many e-twinning projects.

Event venue

Lycée Renaudeau
49300, CHOLET