from October 15- 2021

ERASMUS DAYS: Let’ s celebrate ISA (Inclusive School in Action)

3rd Gymnasio Nafpaktou

School education

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Tags: Social Inclusion

Start time: 12:00 End time: 13:40

The educational team for the KA101 Erasmus+ project "Let' s ISA" will organize a staff meeting during which the project activities will be presented in situ. Teachers who participated in the 3 structured courses will share experiences, knowledge and competences with our colleagues focusing on the main aim, to create a highly qualitative learning environment for all students.
The school will participate in the online (posts-webinar) activity "The wall speaks and we listen!" by the Regional Directorate of PSE of Western Greece.

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The objectives are to reduce early school leavers, to strengthen the pupils’ motivation to learn and to enable our teachers to develop the quality of teaching so it matches the needs-abilities of all.

Event venue

3o Gymnasio Nafpaktou

Lygias Nafpaktou
30300, Nafpaktos