from October 11 - 2019

Erasmus Days in SŠBJJ, Croatia

Srednja škola Ban Josip Jelačić, Zaprešić

School education

Film projection, presentation

Round table, testimonies

Show, exhibition

In this three-hour long event both teachers and students will show the local community what they've learned while being a part of the Erasmus+ programme. They will also share examples of good practice and end-results of our four projects: The 21st Century Classroom (KA 101), The Growth Mindset (KA 101), Raising Responsible Citizens (KA 229) and New Teaching Methodology (KA 229) as well as present aims of our newly approved KA 229 project History and Its Effects on Today's Youth.

Event venue

Trg dr. Franje Tuđmana 1
10290, Zaprešić