from October 13 - 2022 to to October 15 - 2022

Erasmus Days in Daugavpils Zinātņu vidusskola

Daugavpils Zinātņu vidusskola

School education

Other event

Tags: Inclusion & diversity

The event includes a number of activities:
1) painting of the school wall devoted to Erasmus+ program. The activity will be carried out by Erasmus+ project students, design and technology students and supervised by the teacher;
2) baamboozle quiz on European countries
3) creation of student digital book "My Erasmus+ story". The students who took part in Erasmus+ projects will record a video on their experience. Videos will be published on the school website and collected in a compilation in a digital book.
4) creative workshop Erasmus+ mosaic

Event venue

Raiņa 30

Raiņa 30
LV5401, Daugavpils