from October 14 -2021 to October 15- 2021

Erasmus Days 2021 in PPG

Gymnázium P. Pázmáňa s vjm - Pázmány Péter Gimnázium

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Testimonies, meetings, open house

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Tags: Alumni, Other

We would like to join knowledge, art and creativity while celebrating Erasmus+ in our school. We plan to create an Erasmus+ sign-post, a mosaic picture of Erasmus+ made of ceramics, a series of small talks (similar to TED talks) about the EU and Erasmus+, QR code Erasmus+ treasure hunting and a digital escape room from boredom. Traditionally, blood donation, photo exhibition and promotion of teachers´ courses will be also part of the celebration.

Event venue


Letomostie 3
94002, Nové Zámky