from October 15- 2021

Erasmus Day: Preserving environment and culture

Agrupamento de Escolas António Alves Amorim

School education

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Tags: Culture & heritage, Ecology

Start time: 10:00 End time: 18:00

In our Erasmus Day we will disseminate the projects that we are involved, so we decide to celebrate our collaborations through out all day in our school. For that we will have a performance around a traditional song, a zero waste day on school and a walking mile around natural and heritage locals of our small town. Several of the products of the Erasmus projects will be exhibit throughout the school, so that all school community can appreciate them. We will disseminate this activities through social media and local newspapers.

Discover the Erasmus + project of this organization:

Our Erasmus projects aimed natural and cultural heritage: ways to acknowledge their importance and how to preserve it,through out Erasmus values: inclusion, diversity and Europe identity.

Event venue

Escola Básica de 2º e 3º Ciclo António Alves Amorim

Rua Escola C+S, 175
4535-082, Lourosa