from October 12 - 2019

Erarmus+ event on “Finding Our Roots”, Alexandroupolis

Primary School of Palagia

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Primary School of Palagia: Erasmus+ Programme “Finding Our Roots” Website: During the project meeting in October 12th 2019 in Alexandroupoli, teachers and students from project partners in Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland and Sweden will honour Poland and present Polish history, culture and traditions. The presentation by each school who has participated at a project meeting in Poland and experienced the Polish culture will be done through photographs, videos, Powerpoint presentations and cultural activities. Information on the Erasmus+ Programme “Finding Our Roots” Duration: 01.09.2018 - 31.08.2020. Coordinating country: Sweden Partner schools: Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Poland & Turkey Project goals:  - raise awareness of the common history and values;  - recognize the different beliefs and customs belonging to our origins with mutual understanding;  - realize the importance of the cultural heritage with the partners in the project and understand that the value of heritage comes from its inheritors - from the living;  - enhance awareness among European citizens and especially among the youth on the importance of using intercultural dialogue;  - make History lessons more interesting for the students by exchanging experiences with each other;  - reinforce a sense of community by practising cultural traditions which are important to pass on shared values from one generation to another;  - train individuals, integrated to the cultural identity of our age approaching with respect and understanding to different cultures;  - promote foreign language learning and sharing through the use of ICT.

Event venue

19th Maiou and Stravonos, Palagia
68100, Alexandroupolis