from October 16 – 2020

Eramus Pink Day Photographic Exposition


School education


Testimonies, meetings, open house

Tags: Alumni, Apprenticeship, Social Inclusion, Solidarity

Erasmus projects have always been a nasset to foster social and intercultural cohesion and integration, personal autonoy and social skills. We would like this Photographic exposition to serve as homage to all these principles.
In addition to this, we are going to organise a LGTBI reading corner which includes books in different languages on the LGTBI culture.

This day will also pay tribute to those students who decided to go on with their Erasmus activities in these pandemic situation, putting their health at risk for education's sake.

Discover the Erasmus + project of this organization:

E+ Apprenticeship: Students learnt the skills ar job posts in Malta. Pink The Colour of Diversity: Students travel to schools in Europe and work and learn about the rights of women, gays, etc.

Event venue


Camino Viejo de Vélez 18
29018, Málaga