from October 11 - 2019

Eramus Day Brunch


School education

Film projection, presentation

Meetings, open houses

Virtual event

From 10am to 2pm, the application restaurant will prepare a brunch for this event. A regional radio will be here to share the event ( radio sensation). They will install the studio in the restaurant. We will invite the students, staffs and teachers who had mobilities with our KA1 VET project ( Lolcat : learners of live Clément Ader too) , they will be the witness and share their experience with the different guess ( from townhall, from county council, from academic office, from local newspaper) We will invite the participants from the Bernay and around with the project ENVIE KA1 school project ( from 4 primary schools, from 3 secondaries schools and 4 high school ( general and vocationnal) and the participants who will take part to the ENVIE 2 project. We will invite the staff from the project MADE ( for the deputy head for the workshop in high vocational school ( 6 from the academy), they will share their experience. The students and the family will be invited to discover ERASMUS PLUS around witness and brunch.

Event venue

route de Rouenc
27300, Bernay