from October 13 - 2022

Equalling! Sharing the results

Centro Profesorado Teruel

School education

Conference, presentation, round table

Tags: Inclusion & diversity

Start time: 12:00 End time: 13:00

The project EquALL(ING) has lasted these last two years until 31th August. Now it is the moment to share the results: decalogue for best practices, list of teachers competences and BPB (Best Practices Bank). The project has been working on intersectionality and gender equality within the context of adult education. Seven partners: CPEPA Cella, OE Vienna, Odyssée Bordeaux, LUC Celje, Topcoach Bratislava and CPIA2 Altamura and CP Teruel. Wonderful partners, now great friends and an inspiring working atmosphere.

Event venue

44002, Teruel