from October 10 - 2019 to to October 12 - 2019


Escola Profissional do Minho

School education

Animation, concert, festival

Film projection, presentation

Original creation, conference

During these 3 days, Esprominho will organize indoor events (school facilities) and outdoor events (in the city center of Braga) Indoor events (10 and 11 October): Students, teachers, and former students will talk about their experience in Erasmus+ projects (International work placements, learning mobilities, and blended mobilities); We will present videos about the different international experiences we have had within the Erasmus+ programme; We will present a video about the way Europe perceive refugees, which will lead to a debate with the students and teachers; Every course will develop a product or a project about Europe (IT students will develop a quiz about Europe, Fashion Design students will create an outfit related to Europe, Commerce students will create a questionnaire about Europe addressed to Braga citizens) Outdoor activities (12 October): Students from the course of Events organization and management will organize a festival during which different European countries will be represented through music, dances, songs, food). This event will enable local citizens and tourists to get to know better the other countries culture.

Event venue

Avenida do Cávado - S. Vicente
4700, Braga