from October 10 - 2019

Diversity in White Coats: Erasmus+ at Med Uni Graz

Medical University of Graz

Higher education

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On October 10, 2019, the Medical University of Graz celebrates the Erasmus+ Programme with the motto “Diversity in White Coats”. Students, staff and Erasmus+ incomings are invited to participate in a range of activities to spread the Erasmus+ spirit and strengthen the sense of community. Many individuals in white coats will be a part of something bigger than themselves when we create a WHITE COAT ERASMUS+ SHAPE and turn separate canvases into a BIG PICTURE. Refreshments including a sandwich buffet will be provided.

Event venue

good weather: Campusebene, Neue Stiftingtalstraße 2; bad weather: Foyer ZMF, Stiftingtalstraße 24
8010, Graz