from October 15 – 2020

„Discover your talent at ESOZ“

Střední odborná škola energetická a stavební, Obchodní akademie a Střední zdravotnická škola, Chomutov, p.o.

Vocational training

Conferences, presentations, round tables


Other event

Tags: Apprenticeship, Ecology, Economy, Health, Other

The target of the project is to get in active way more information about activities connected with Erasmus+ and other international cooperation to students, school employees and public.

Presentation of the students involved in realization of KA1 and KA2.
Round table to development of learning outcomes units in ECVET Framework and future.
Introduction of Erasmus+ program and its activities.
Creating with public – open workshops.
Introduction of outcomes of project KEYMOB.
Presentation in field of health and open „Healthcare mini-museum“.

Event venue

Na Průhoně 4800
43003, Chomutov