from October 14 -2021 to October 15- 2021

Dani Erasmusa u Osnovnoj školi Krapinske Toplice

Osnovna škola Krapinske Toplice

School education


Tags: Ecology

Start time: 08:00 End time: 17:00

Students, teachers and others will be able to see exhibition of final products of Erasmus + KA2 project „ We are eco-friendly“ such as 4 issues of eco magazine with different environmental topics, the dictionary of environmental terminology in Croatian, Slovak and English language, the photo book with green areas in Krapinske Toplice through 4 seasons. The final products will also be available on school web page. We will show the photos and play video of planting flowers in the school yard using the 3D hologram and laptop in the school lobby.

Event venue

School lobby

Zagrebačka 12
49217, Krapinske Toplice