from October 15 – 2020 to to October 17 – 2020

Building an Online Erasmus+ Community for Adult Education Teachers and Professionals

Landesverband der Volkshochschulen Niedersachsens e.V.

Adult education

Social media contests and challenges

Online testimonies, exhibitions

Tags: Alumni, Distance learning

The Erasmus Days 2020 will be the kick-off event for our new Erasmus+ online community aimed at adult education professionals and teachers. We invite former and future participants of our mobility project to share Erasmus+ related questions or experiences. In doing so, they can discover the possibilities of their LMS at hand to communicate and collaborate across Europe. The launch will be supported by an online quiz in the form of an Erasmus-related crossword puzzle. Participants thus get a glimpse of how gamified learning can be realized.

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This project offers mobilities for adult education professionals & teachers and aims at experiencing other European institutions as well as to developing competencies for digitally enriched classes.

Event venue

30161, Hannover