from October 15 – 2020 to October 16 – 2020

Azcona’s ErasmusDays: Four Windows, Quatre Fenêtres

Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria Azcona

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Tags: Alumni, Culture & heritage, Distance learning, Other, Solidarity

IES Azcona (Almería, Spain) will celebrate ErasmusDays with activities aimed at disseminating our four ongoing Erasmus projects among new members of the school community. Online teachers meetings of the project teams for this year, mobility students talks to encourage new participants, audiovisual exhibitions, etc - the purpose of all these promotional events is to give publicity to IES Azcona’s growing presence in the Erasmus world among our community and encourage families to take part.

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Exchanging good practices towards an emotional competence that improves mood, learning and social behaviour.

Event venue

IES Azcona

C/ Policía José Rueda Alcaraz 1
04006, Almería ;