from October 16 – 2020

Architecture and Health

Faculty of Architecture University of Sarajevo

Higher education

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Tags: Health, Other

The pace of urbanization results in a built and social context that adversely affects humans, increasing exposure to various urban toxins.
The event will promote new university courses (developed under Erasmus+ Programme - HURBE) for monitoring wide range of factors that affect public health in urban areas (scale of city, community/neighborhood and buildings).

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Improving the quality of education by focusing on curricula development, modernization of EHEA and strengthening the link between higher education institutions and urban and healthy environment.

Event venue

University of Sarajevo, University 'Džemal Bijedić' Mostar, University of Zenica

Patriotske lige 30
71000 Sarajevo; 88000 Mostar; 72000 Zenica;, Sarajevo, Mostar, Zenica