from October 13 - 2023

Activate Communicate Think (ACT)_democratically

Geniko Lykeio Diapolitismikis Ekpaidefsis Evosmou

School education

Conference, presentation, round table

Tags: Other

Start time: 11:00 End time: 13:00

Students and teachers will celebrate Erasmus Days by organisings activities interrelated to democratic principles. Students will be engaged in short debates discussing current topics that concern young European teenagers. They will work in small groups supporting or opposing a proposal under specific rules. The aim of the activities is to practise critical thinking, democratic dialogue skills, and to develop respect for freedom of speech.

Event venue

Geniko Lykeio Diapolitismikis Ekpaidefsis Evosmou

Piniou 3 & Makedonomahon 25A, Evosmos
56224, Thessaloniki